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Libros para Bajistas

Posted in Libros on 04/12/2009 by cecabass

Bass Training Session – J. Fredd

Slap Style Techniques – Beaver Felton

Joe Santerre – Slap Bass Lines

Creating Jazz Bass Lines – Jim Stinnett

Bass Scales And Arpeggios – J.P Dias

Bass Training Session – Jean Philippe

Advanced Bass – Billy Sheehan

Contemporary Electric Bass – Nathan East

Bass Fitness – Josquin des Pres

Bass Harmonics – Barry Sahagian

Five String Bass – Steve Bailey

The Best Of Victor Wooten

Electric Bass – John Patitucci

Electric Bass II – John Patitucci

The Essential – Jaco Pastorius

Bach For Bass – Josquin des Pres

The Progressive Bass Concepts – John Myung

Modern Electric Bass – Jaco Pastorius

Fretless Bass Lesson – Steve Bailey

A Guide to Jazz Improvisation – Berklee